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Motorcycles have always been our passion. Starting with stripped down mopeds we scrambled around local fields until we fell off, ran out of petrol or the police turned up! We had great fun out-running a local mad dog turned crazy by buzzing 2-strokes, it growled and snap, it got close but never caught us. As a result of our adventures we honed our riding skills, we became expert at mad dog evasion, clattering over pot holes, avoiding trees (not always) and making the police laugh rather than shout at us. Happy days.

In those early years we learned a lot, how to ride and stay upright, how to keep our bikes going. We built a reputation for quick bikes, for tearing around the streets (we were teenagers!) at which time the bobbies stopped laughing and started chasing. Our escapades did earn us the odd fine but also many friends and their bikes to work on; some for road and some for track use. 

So 30 years later (many of those years chasing careers and building bikes in our spare time) we've changed focus and established JAL (Motorcycle) Restorations Ltd. We offer motorcycle restoration and repair service to like minded motorcyclist, specializing in road and competition motorcycles built before 1989 BC (before computers) or occasionally a little later. 

One of JAL's very special Triton's; ultra light, fast, race prepared engine, all balanced and she pulls 8000rpm in top with 15% longer primary and 22 front and 45 rear sprockets. Speed trapped at 142mph. Not much Triumph in this engine!

Our builds speak for themselves and are among the most photographed and always draw a crowd in the race paddock or outside your local.

Please visit our galleries to view just a small cross section of motorcycles that we have either restored or built from the ground up. Awards include;

  • Recently awarded "Best Race Machine" at Stafford International Motorcycle Show
  • Awarded "Best GP Display" at Classic Motorcycle Mechanic's Show Stafford
  • Won "Best Competition Motorcycle" at South of England Motorcycle Show


  • Many of our bikes have received "Highly Commended" awards for originality and build quality.
  • Or had track success in the UK and abroad.


 Recently "sympathetically" restored by us the Broad Yamaha TZ750 Dave Potter's 1980 championship winning bike. Still in BP colours (see under race bikes on this site) photographed at Mallory Park being chased by Tepi Lansivouri on the Ex works Suzuki TR750. 

Although we don't race bikes ourselves anymore our bikes have been successful domestically and internationally; taken straight from our workshop and put on track they are competitive with just minor set-up changes in both short circuit and endurance racing. See our galleries for bikes that we have built.


Restored by us, Dave Croxford riding our Mk3 Seeley commenting "it goes well"  after their 1st visit to the track and going well enough to get over the line ahead of Mick Hemmings on his Macintyre Matchless. Later sold and competed in the 350cc Aintree Championship without alteration this bike finished 2nd in 2011, 4th in 2012 and 4th again in 2013 in good company.